Tuesday, August 25, 2009

trip to singapore,kl,genting,selangoor.

so 14 days(6th aug-20aug) of extravaganza finally over..:)....and it was nothing less than fabulous.I am just wondering frm where SIA hired their airhostesses they were truly gorgeous and that made plane journey so mch startling and in b/w sme astounding look of outside made me feel like i was literally walking in clouds truly gr8.Changi airport!!!! man it was gigantic..had a nice mocha villa dere,and hired german sedan to our apartment ..that was our frst look of singapore..roads were clean mch mre greener and there was lane driving that was something glad to see:-)..our apartment was very gd courtesy our loving bro.next day was for singapore expedition...singapore is very well connected with metro trains and buses (mrt and smrt respectively)so moving frm one place to another wasn't any problem and that what made us possible to explore various places.people were very friendly,evryone living their own lyf,society very broadminded and itz alwyz gd to see pda(public display of affection)..there was many places for sightseeing frm city hall,raffles,orchard,suntech,mustaffa ,FOW,clarque,boatque,esplanade(and itz concerts),brdpark,zoo,night safari,sentosa(and itz song of sea) were all worth seeing...moreover we were smewhat lucky to see their independence celebration 9th aug.44th independence day of sngpore..itz very astoninishing hw a country can develop so mch in 44 year..kudos to their government and people...infact there president and army chief was indian only...no surprises indians are evrywhere..Night life of singapore was mindblowing too..wid sme of bestest restro-bars in wrld ambience and environment was jus awesme..having spent 10 days in sngpore it was tym to explore malaysia...we went to kl frst and needless to say infrastructure was jus gr88,,,spotted sme of gigantic buildings dere..and then genting had wrld most amazing theme park..taken sme of nastiest rides....dne archery,bowling,karting and all adventure one can think of...and then finally it was tym for selangoor(less known place of malaysia..but it was nice havng mst coveted f1 circuit..sunwaylagoon..and malaysia's famous blue mosque..) so overall trip was truly great ....but misssssssssed my girlfriend soooooooooooo mchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......14 days hardly talking to her,,was ineffably difficult:-(:-(..nw back to india ..believe me frns nothing feel gd then being in india...india is ddddddd best neday netym...

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