Saturday, June 20, 2009

adieu to mait..i am gona miss my college days

finally its time to bid adieu to my almameter MAIT..where i spent 4years tryng to learn intricacies of computer science engineering(dnt knw hw mch i wld be able to retain :P)..but it was truly memorable journey right frm day one in college..specially becoz of our gang of boyzz..we used to call it c1 MAFIASSSSSSSS..(c1 was our group in cse)...mafiass because of our unanimous opinions , bindass and carefree attitude..we were bunch of 20 mavericks..finding us in lectures was infact very rare sight for evryone.. ..though we attended our labs almost regularly..(dnt knw hw mch weigh word "regularly" weighs ) ...we were always optimistic and day dreamers..sitting on staircases watching past grlz was our fav time killer...siiting in canteen was another one..we were all very gd in studies too ..dnt knw hw we manage tht..:P... we all have such amazing memories and wll surely miss our college days alott...nw its time to start our professional life..letcc how we manage tht...may god bless us alll.....c1 mafiasssssssssssss roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ..cheers mates...

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