Saturday, January 24, 2009

what women wants?..

hmmmm title seems quite inducing...doesn't it? is smthng i can explore abt it..

Women are a lot more complex than man. Each one is unique. Nevertheless as men, the are a few characteristics that most women
really appreciate:

- Looks are not that important: To women what is really important is the personality. If as a guy you can get in touch with your
feelings you`ll start scoring points.
- A nice dress: The physical aspect that women admire the most is the way you dress. If you dress nicely and use a really cool
cologne you`ll get extra points.
- Smart and funny: Women love an smart, hard working guy. If you also have a really good sense of humor and you make
women laugh, you`ll rule.
- Be responsible: You have to take care of yourself. Get a job. Take care of your own life.
- Stand out at something: Women like successful men. Just like that. Be a successful business man, football player, and so on... matter hw mch we explore..women wll alwyzz remain a mystery....:P

happy new year ..

happy new year to all..may this new year bring loads of peace and prosperity in our lovely world........may god bless us allllll.........and may we succeed in all our endeavours...