Saturday, January 24, 2009

what women wants?..

hmmmm title seems quite inducing...doesn't it? is smthng i can explore abt it..

Women are a lot more complex than man. Each one is unique. Nevertheless as men, the are a few characteristics that most women
really appreciate:

- Looks are not that important: To women what is really important is the personality. If as a guy you can get in touch with your
feelings you`ll start scoring points.
- A nice dress: The physical aspect that women admire the most is the way you dress. If you dress nicely and use a really cool
cologne you`ll get extra points.
- Smart and funny: Women love an smart, hard working guy. If you also have a really good sense of humor and you make
women laugh, you`ll rule.
- Be responsible: You have to take care of yourself. Get a job. Take care of your own life.
- Stand out at something: Women like successful men. Just like that. Be a successful business man, football player, and so on... matter hw mch we explore..women wll alwyzz remain a mystery....:P

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